Saturday, November 25

50/50 Winning Ticket: AV3-062272

Jackpot: $570

Winner gets half


Friday, January 12, 2023

7:00 pm Max McLean Arena

Vikings vs Red Deer Polytechnic

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AGLC licence:  652971

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Alumni Spotlight

 Joel Jackson 

Edmonton Oilers Strength & Conditioning Coach

When Joel Jackson, ’11 BSc, ’15 MSc, was growing up in Snow Lake, Man., he dreamed of a career in the NHL. In 2021, 10 years after graduating from the U of A’s Augustana Campus, he finally joined the Oilers — though not in the way he first imagined.

While Jackson doesn’t take the ice for the team, he plays a crucial role in preparing Connor McDavid and company for action. Jackson is a strength and conditioning coach with the Oilers, where he helps players get the most out of their bodies.

Here are four of his tips for working out.

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